“Empowering through Imagination”

Children love to play! In all of the educational programs I teach, I use fun and imagination to encourage reading, learning, and self-confidence. That’s what the Sabrina Summers series is all about – and it’s what all of the programs you see here are about, too. I’d love to visit your students so please click below and let’s talk about a visit!


I offer creative writing classes that inspire children to write, read, learn, and grow.


I’ve designed age-appropriate and standards-compliant classroom activities for teachers of The Sabrina Summers series.


My readers have been loving the opportunity to enter writing competitions that show off their talents and give them the chance to express their creativity in new ways.


Classes & Events for Children

Writers Plot, Readers Read!

A Competition for Ages 6-12

Write a book and enter it to win a prize! Click below to get the rules to the competition.

Timaru Library Competition

A Competition for Ages 

Children and young adults have the chance to write their very best, creative stories and enter them to win a prize! Click below to get the rules to entering the competition. 

Wellington Children’s Bookshop

A Competition for Ages 

Children and young adults near Wellington Bookshop have the chance to enter your best work and win a prize! Click below to get the rules to the competition. 

Contact Me Today!

Teachers, everything I’ve created here is for you. Please contact me to talk about classes, activities, competitions, or something else you have in mind. I promise you, your students will love the chance to learn and grow with me!

About ME


My full name is Michele Clark McConnochie, and I live in New Zealand with my husband and step-daughter, and our two rescue-cats. I am Welsh, originally from Shrewsbury, Shropshire. I have worked in education as a teacher and manager for over 20 years. I support Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, and secretly I am a bit of a geek.
I hope people will have fun reading my books and that my books will make a difference in children’s lives for years to come.


Get Free Teaching Resources for

The Strange Sagas of Sabrina Summers!

Get Free Worksheets for Teaching The Uncooperative Flying Carpet

Appropriate for Ages 6-12

Common core in literacy and English upper key stage 2 in the UK and grades 3-5 US. 

Teach The Uncomfortable Glass Slippers

Appropriate for Ages 7-12

Common core in literacy and English upper key stage 2 in the UK and grades 3-5 US. 

The Uncontrollable Slingshot

Appropriate for ages 7-12

Common core in literacy and English upper key stage 2 in the UK and grades 3-5 US. 


What My Students Say

Clever, witty, imaginative … you can pick it up and read for ten minutes … but you won’t; it is too exciting for that. Believable fantasy and behind it all is a sharp sense of humour that even adults will appreciate

There is so much to like about this book: the wry humour and sense of fun throughout make the story a joy to read … it does give young readers a chance to reflect on how they might respond to the challenges the children face both in the real world and in Dralfynia.


Frequently Asked

Who are your favourite children’s authors?

When I was growing up, I loved Enid Blyton, Malcolm Saville, The Three Investigators, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys. Now, I love anything by Jacqueline Wilson, Meg Cabot, Virginia Bergin, and Kirsty MacKay’s Undead books. I ask the children I teach writing to what they like and they always give me ideas for great books to read

Why do you write for children and young adults?

I used think I wanted to write books for adults, but when my wonderful niece when she was a little girl, I wrote stories for her, and then for my step-daughter. They inspired me, I guess. Now, I wouldn’t do anything else – I love it and that all children deserve to read books that make them happy and that also help with growing up.

Where did you get the idea for the Sabrina Summers Sagas?

It came from a short-story I wrote for my step-daughter one Christmas, when she and her family and friends all become fairy-tale characters. I thought it would be fun to develop the idea.

What do you like best about being a writer?

I sit at home with my cats, a view of the Pacific Ocean and make up fun stories – what’s not to like! I really like going into schools and working with children who want to write, too.