Who are your favourite children’s authors?
When I was growing up, I loved Enid Blyton, Malcolm Saville, The Three Investigators, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys. Now, I love anything by Jacqueline Wilson, Meg Cabot, Virginia Bergin, and Kirsty MacKay’s Undead books. I ask the children I teach writing to what they like and they always give me ideas for great books to read.
Why do you write for children and young adults?
I used think I wanted to write books for adults, but when my wonderful niece when she was a little girl, I wrote stories for her, and then for my step-daughter. They inspired me, I guess. Now, I wouldn’t do anything else – I love it and that all children deserve to read books that make them happy and that also help with growing up.
What do you like best about being a writer?
I sit at home with my cats, a view of the Pacific Ocean and make up fun stories – what’s not to like! I really like going into schools and working with children who want to write, too.
Where did you get the idea for the Sabrina Summers Sagas?
It came from a short-story I wrote for my step-daughter one Christmas, when she and her family and friends all become fairy-tale characters. I thought it would be fun to develop the idea.
You have made this website dyslexia-friendly and your books and worksheets also have dyslexia-friendly versions. Why is that?
This website is in Comic Sans and has no moving images – I did a lot of research to find out how to make my books and this site easy for dyslexic readers because I believe that all children and adults should have the chance to love reading.
You suggest that everyone can make a positive difference in the world by giving homes to abandoned animals, not watching entertainments where animals suffer and by thinking of ways to help children in the third world. Are these issues important to you?
Yes of course, and I want to do anything I can do to help children grow up into adults who are kind and take responsibility for what they do.
What’s next for you as a writer?
A travel book based on the sites in England that inspired some of the most famous children’s books, and some young adult books which I have plotted but just need the time to write!

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