About Michele


I teach creative writing, and I have been a full-time writer of children’s books since 2014. In the past, I have also been a writer for the local newspaper. 

Michele McConnochie – My Story

My full name is Michele Clark McConnochie, and I live in New Zealand with my husband and step-daughter, and our two rescue-cats. I am Welsh, originally from Shrewsbury, Shropshire. I have worked in education as a teacher and manager for over 20 years. I support Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, and secretly I am a bit of a geek.

I hope people will have fun reading my books and that my books will make a difference in children’s lives for years to come!

“My dream is that my books will make a difference in the lives of children for years to come!”

One Of My Greatest Joys – Visiting Classrooms and  Teach Creative Writing

Kids love the games, classes, and writing activities I bring them – right to their classrooms or after-school groups! It’s what I love most – teaching creative writing to both young adults (via local high schools) and children (via schools and home-school organisers). Contact me on michele@MCMauthor.com if you would like me to
teach a course or a workshop at your school or community group. I’d love to visit!

Qualifications and Awards

I am university-educated and teaches creative writing for children as well as for students at Aoraki Polytechnic.


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Books & Publications

My pride and joy is the series The Strange Sagas of Sabrina Summers! Book One, The Uncooperative Flying Carpet, is available now. Book Two, The Uncomfortable Glass Slippers, I’m proud to announce, is due to be released this spring! Book Three, The Uncontrollable Slingshot, will be released in Fall 2020.

Book One

The Uncooperative Flying Carpet

The Uncooperative Flying Carpet tells the story of Sabrina Summers, her little brother and her friends who are accidentally sent to the very (and I mean very) strange land of Dralfyina after Sabrina’s father unknowingly marries a witch! Sabrina finds herself in the
strange form of a fairytale princess while her brother and friends are recognizable – but certainly not preferred – characters of their own.

Book Two

The Uncomfortable Glass Slippers

In the sequel to The Uncooperative Flying Carpet, The Uncomfortable Glass Slippers takes Sabrina Summers, her brother, and friends back to the world where fairytales come alive – with a twist! This time, Sabrina is Prince Charming, her brother is Baby Bear, and her friends find themselves to be none other than Sleeping Beauty and

Book Three

The Uncontrollable Slingshot

In the Uncontrollable Slingshot, Sabrina and the gang find themselves facing their
greatest challenge yet – all-out war with the Beast and his army. Now the entire future of
Dralfynia at stake!