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I really love my casual work as a features writer because I meet such interesting people. Rebecca Cragnolini is an NLP Practitioner and Self Hypnosis Coach, who dedicates her working life to helping people in post earthquake Christchurch. Her techniques are fascinating and effective, and she will even let people find out more for free.


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Do you know the difference between finger prints, finger marks, latent and visible prints or what friction ridges are? I have just completed the module on fingerprints as part of the Introduction to Forensic Science MOOC which I am studying through FutureLearn. It’s so important to get these details correct when writing a crime novel.

What’s in a name?

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I recently had a question on my amazon author page, which I thought I would share. I was asked about the inspiration for my character’s names, and I know that many writers also struggle to choose names that really suit their characters. I even downloaded a great app to my iPad Air which gives me

  The set up at Amazon to self-publish is fantastic, and much easier than I thought it would be. My first book – The Uncooperative Flying Carpet is now available to pre-order, and because it was my first, everything took ages as I worked it out. However, I made life more difficult for myself than

Any crime writer worth her or his salt does needs to be accurate when it comes to forensics. The amazing team at FutureLearn offer heaps of free online courses, wherever you are in the world. I hadn’t heard of MOOCs before (Massive Online Open Courses), but now see that some very prestigious universities offer them.